A Little Fawn

white-tailed deer fawn
Fawn looking at me.

Driving home this evening I saw a fawn in tall grass in an abandoned yard along a back road. The dusk was deep enough that I didn’t have enough natural light for a good photo using my telephoto lens, even when I turned my engine off and balanced my camera on the door of my car with the window open. I was only pulled right off the side of the road, and I knew if I got out to get my tripod the fawn would run–it already had when I stopped the car the first time, gone past, turned around, stopped, then gone ahead and circled back again, the fawn must have though I was nuts. But it was the whole composition, the trees on the left and right, grasses, wildflowers, the way the fawn was standing, all so nice. Then mom showed up, stomped her feet and off they went–along with another fawn! But here, at least, are the remnants of a photo that would have been very nice under different conditions.

white-tailed deer fawn
Second photo of fawn.

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