A Chip Off the Sun

A Chip off the Sun
A Chip off the Sun

You can see just a chip off the setting sun in the bottom of the V made by the two trees in the center. That’s all I managed to catch of this sunset.

I raced the setting sun to my favorite sunset spot to stop and catch it before it dropped down for a long night’s sleep, but a bride and groom were there having photos with that gorgeous sunset in the background. I settled for second best.

On my way to errands out that way I saw the sun setting, clear, round and bright, turning more red each time I topped a ridge, the vapor clouds tinged with color. I raced with the sun as it quickly fell toward the horizon, in a hurry to get to sleep on a long winter night, but I just couldn’t find a convenient place to stop to take a photo, and I only had my cell phone, not the best for sunsets in any case.

But I cut through Settler’s Cabin Park, high on a ridge, facing the west and drove until I knew the sun would be completely down below the horizon if I kept going. This little chip was all I managed to get. I’ll have to remember to leave the house earlier when a beautiful winter sunset is likely.

I had pulled in the parking lot of one of the park’s shelters. I had seen a crowd of people at the shelter next to it, the one I had preferred because it’s higher than the one I parked in, just enough to have caught more of the sunset.

But a bride and groom were being photographed with that lovely sunset behind them, and who am I to ruin someone’s special day barging in for a photo? She had to be freezing in a sleeveless gown with her hair pinned up, but what wonderful photos they likely were.

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