Many-Flowered Asters

many-flowered aster
Many-Flowered Aster

That’s really the name of this variety of aster. Makes me think they ran out of ideas and just went right for the obvious. There are so many varieties of asters blooming from late August to November, and each of them is my favorite flower, whichever one is blooming nearest me.

This lovely bunch of asters is growing out of a crack in the sidewalk one door down from me. Beauty is everywhere.

Autumn is the gaudiest season, and while I love the enthusiastic display of colored leaves all over the hills and backyards and streets, I also love the gentler display of autumn wildflowers. I encourage many asters to grow in my yard, including this many-flowered aster, and a bouquet of these on the table next to my door is like a brilliant cloud; combined with goldenrod and deep purple ironweed it’s the essence of autumn.

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