Let Your Light Shine

bleeding heart
Let Your Light Shine

Let the light of your heart shine for all to see.

Bleeding hearts are the coolest flowers.

Aside from early mornings, they are in a pretty shady spot in my back yard. In the late afternoon the sun comes around my neighbor’s trees and for about five minutes before it moves behind their house, a beam of light shines down to this area of the yard like a slow-moving spotlight. I had taken some photos earlier in the day but really wanted some with sunlight to enhance the colors. I knew the flowers wouldn’t last forever, and we had so much rain and overcast, I decided I would keep checking through the afternoon. When the light shone through the bottom branches and approached this spot I decided to wait it out, a real test of my patience, but a good lesson, and a reason to break from all the work I was doing getting ready for a vendor event, to just sit quietly and watch the sunlight play on leaves and branches, touching one plant, then reaching far into the shadows to highlight one leaf. Finally it reached the bleeding heart and I walked, crawled and rolled around to photograph it. The light through this unique flower was well worth the wait.

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