Feverfew, and a Poem

feverfew flowers in black and white
Feverfew abstract.


Oh, I can’t stop looking at all the feverfew

in my garden,

I just keep running from one cluster to another

those tiny perfect daisies

in umbels as if floating without stems

on waves of bright green leaves

the dots of dew flashing, sparkling

in the day’s new sun

just arrived over the horizon

its color still warm and yellow

as if it’s a cookie just taken out of the oven

and I have to look at all the feverfew

from every angle

until I’m done looking

and I discover I’ve forgotten all the problems of yesterday

and all the ills of the world that I feel the need to carry

and I’m laughing

and dripping with dew myself

and visualizing stunning works of art

and amazing poetry and prose

most of which will ever be realized

nor do they need to be

the inspiration only needs to settle into my soul in this early morning in June

and its glow will warm heart

and keep me laughing with joy

through the day

and the next

and the next.

Poem “Feverfew” © 2008 B.E. Kazmarski

I have a lot of feverfew all over my yard, so I have a lot of photos and a lot of inspiration. The top photo was taken with black and white film and scanned. The color photo below was taken with my digital camera.

feverfew flowers in color
Feverfew in the Morning

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