Will You Feed Me?

baby goldfinch
Goldfinch trying to figure out the seed sack.

A young goldfinch, who was begging his parents to feed him, eating greedily when they fed him and squawking noisily when they didn’t, turns to look at me in hopes that perhaps I’ll take over where his parents left off. He just can’t figure out how to work the seed sack he’s clinging to.

The seed sack is made from an old piece of aluminum window screen which you see on the left, but the screen pattern you see on the right is the screen in the window. I shoot many of my bird photos through this side window, and keep the feeder full all year round to attract the greatest number and variety of birds. If I use a lens with a short focal distance I can shoot “through” the screen and miss most of the pattern, though sometimes it obscures some of the details on the subject, as here.


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