Unforgettable Face

stick face

I just don't like something about this character.

This carved face makes me a little uneasy. Perhaps I’ve simply read a few too many stories of the occult or supernatural and have more than a passing belief in animism and traveling spirits, but the glittering eyes and all those teeth really do me in.

It’s just the hand-carved head of a walking stick, and the artist may have intended something vaguely threatening in the image he carved.

It could also be that the spirit of a long-dead being who died millennia ago on the spot where the stick was carved found the portal to take revenge on the world that discarded him.

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  1. I agree it has an unpleasant feel to it somehow, despite (or maybe because of) the smile. It reminds me of the Blue Meanies in the film “Yellow Submarine”



    1. animalartist says:

      Yes it does! That grin is definitely there! What really set me off was the tiny glittering eyes, turns the whole thing around.

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