Steelers Sunday in the Grocery Store

grocery store
Shop N Save on Game Day

It’s hard to tell, but every single person in this photo is wearing either a Steelers jersey or they are wearing black and gold, even the little girl in the lower right. I just couldn’t get them all to turn and look my way at the same time because the store was wall to wall people stocking up. Hasn’t this game been scheduled for quite some time? Guess everyone changed the menu at the last minute; I unexpectedly needed just a couple of things. Employees are not required to wear team colors, in fact they’re not supposed to and the store makes an exception for game days.

I wore my black and gold or, as I had said, they might not let me in the store. I don’t care for football or any sport and don’t watch the game, in fact, I don’t even have a TV, but I have so much fun watching people when they all get together like this—and it happens quite often here in Pittsburgh with the Steelers and Penguins at least; one of these days the Pirates will catch up again. It’s like an unofficial holiday. For today, we can forget everything else, watch a sports event the whole country is probably watching with friends and family, eat and drink and relax. Call it the Blue Collar Bowl as Green Bay isn’t too different from Pittsburgh, and the origins of the teams and their supporting cities have a good bit in common. I don’t know much about football, but I think it will be a good game.


  1. Shop N Save is the Best Bernadette ~ Anna Rosa calls it the “Balloon Store” because they offer Balloons w/lollipops at the end for little ones. I too was at the store yesterday and noticed the same thing. Steeler fever everywhere. Guess its true, Pittsburgh bleeds Black and Gold!

    1. They really are–shirts, balloons, even the Steelers fight song on the store music. People tell me it’s not like this in other places, I can’t imagine what other people do.

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