Snow (2011)

closeup of snow

Another from last year, magical.

Okay, more snow, but I really liked this closeup of snow in the gentle light of this morning, the rich blue shadows contrasting with the buttery highlights.

A blanket of snow is lovely to study as the light passes over it, all the colors reflecting in both shadows and highlights, sparkles flashing momentarily on the edge of an ice crystal, the landscape transformed by this gentle cover. But looking closely at the snow, especially a deep snow, filled with light that changes and fades as it penetrates from the surface of the snow as it does in deep water, the individual crystals are revealed showing in detail that the snow is not a blanket, not one item, but layer upon layer of tiny crystals, a collective, each an individual, all having fallen arbitrarily to cluster together and create the illusion of one undivided unit. A microcosm of the macrocosm, again?

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