Rainbow at the End of the Snowstorm

photo of oil slick on street
Rainbow at the End of the Snowstorm

I know it’s pollution and it’ll run off into the waterways, but the random iridescent patch on the wet street is a welcome spot of color as the snow discolors and melts.


    1. Thanks for visiting, and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog. It looks as if we’re doing the same thing in different cities: exploring our world with a camera, writing poetry, commenting on things and people around us. You really have a way with water images. I’m a Pisces, so I’m a little “fishy”, too. I hope your blog brings you as much pleasure as mine does me, and I’ll be visiting to see more of Reno!

  1. Yep I think we have similar interests 🙂 Thanks so much for the compliment on the water – it is something new I have been playing with – In the past I mainly shot events and landscapes – so it is a bit new for me !! Glad you like them!!! I have add you to my list as well. Hope to see more soon 🙂

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