No Fridge, No Problem

photo of refrigerator goods on a windowsill
No Fridge, No Problem

Sometimes you just have to marvel at the ingenuity of people. The temperature hasn’t even seen 20 degrees for days, so why not put your Mountain Dew, half n half, lunchmeat and a few cold ones out on the windowsill? On the second floor, no one can steal them.

This is the same place where, on Christmas day, a bearded white man and a bearded African-American man, one sitting in a lawn chair, one standing, were dressed in Santa suits and waving their hands and beer bottles at passersby. I tried to take a photo, but it was so dark and rainy they just didn’t come out, not to mention the cranky driver behind me who didn’t see any humor in the situation at all.

Some people really know how to enjoy life and make the most of any situation. I’m not being sarcastic.


  1. I’m uncertain if I ever showed you this “what people do when it’s cold picture” I found the day after seeing yours here. I thought about the picture you posted when I saw this

    It’s getting warmer now, but it has been cold!!

    (if you’ve seen this before, my apologies, but I was going through my blog and had to give you the link since it was you who “inspired” me to blog about the picture I found of the pizza and lasagna:))

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