Long Standing

green door in brick wall
Long Standing

This is the side wall of a very old garage, and the side door into it. It’s not typically too remarkable, but on a bright sunny day at just about noon when the sun shines nearly directly down, even the uneven mortar bits between the bricks has shadows, and instead of being washed out by direct sunlight every detail has depth and color. The aged door is thick with paint, but obviously still opens.

It must have been a much smaller building at one time as you can see where there was apparently an addition to the left of the door where the courses of bricks run crooked. There must also have been an awning or roof of some sort over this side of the building by the band of caulking left on the bricks above the door, and even the shape made by the darker purple bricks.

I had originally thought this would be a neat B&W shot and prepared it both ways, but really like the color better.

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