outdoor courtyard at night

At intermission during the Living Room Concert I mentioned yesterday everyone got up and walked around the house and grounds, including this wonderful little courtyard. I loved the light falling from above and inside, the details of the wisteria and the upper deck railing, the people minimized and all part of one interesting scene.

And interesting that, in a neighborhood where the houses are so close together, there is an off-street parking spot and a courtyard that is two lots wide. Unfortunately that usually means a house was lost, but from the brick parking pad to the wrought iron fence and gate through the flagstone walks with tall airy locust trees and lush groundcovers they certainly made the most of a small and very shaded area. With lanterns and candles it was lovely at night.

“Intermezzo” is opera-speak for “intermission”, and since this had to do with classical music I thought I’d use the term, and the word feels mysterious, just like the light and shadow in the photo. And just because the photo is a little blurry and scene reminded me of something I’d seen in an impressionist painting, I played around with a few filters in PhotoShop.

courtyard at night
Intermezzo, painterly

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