photo of a perfect apple on a beat up windowsill

I set my apple on the windowsill so it would remind me to stop and snack later. It also provided a welcome still life subject. The apple’s roundness, perfect smooth skin and blended coloring, in the prime of its existence, contrast well with the windowsill that’s seen 100 years of use, blemished but welcoming.

I’ve been working with my local public library in the final renovations for the resident G.A.R. post, one of only a half dozen such post-Civil War veteran’s organization posts in the country; once there were about 7,000. The room will have its official unveiling on February 12, but I’ve been photographing the restoration process as well as preparing some framed artifacts and framing a show of photographs of Abraham Lincoln. Problem is, it’s all a big surprise and I can’t use any of the photos I’m taking yet—and that’s why I haven’t had a new photo for several days.

For more information about the post visit the library’s website at

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