A Day of Spring Sketches

pastel sketch of leafy trees
“Spring Morning Leaves”, pastel, 9″ x 12″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

When I looked out my kitchen window this morning, above is what I saw. I couldn’t paint it because the light was changing fast at that early hour, so I photographed it and worked on it a little later. I wanted to keep it leafy with a lot of movement, so I used all my pastels on their sides.

Below are two small sketches I did of Robinson Run along the Panhandle Trail. Both are pastel, and while there are areas I am very pleased with there are also areas I am not…but it just means I need to restock my field boxes of pastels with some of the colors I’m missing.

The first sketch was:

pastel ketch of creek with trees
“Robinson Run Early Spring”, pastel, 8″ x 10″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

The second sketch was:

pastel sketch of stream
“The Swimming Hole in Spring”, pastel, 6″ x 8″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski


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