Sketch: Lilacs and Laundry

pastel painting of laundry
“Lilacs and Laundry”, pastel, 9″ x 12″ © Bernadette E. Kazmarski

What got me in trouble today when I should have gotten some work done inside was how cute my laundry looked with the lilac blooming about it. I have a thing for laundry in paintings, so I decided to take some time to do a little sketch. I use my limited set of pastels outdoors so I don’t lose or damage the “good ones”, so I need to touch it up with some other colors and finish off the edges.

The lilac has never bloomed this much—after about 15 years it’s finally come into its prime. The red specks in the back are the first roses on my red climber that swings over the gate, the pink flowers on the chair and on the ground are the first geraniums blooming after I’ve brought them out of their winter home in the basement. The short blue is forget-me-nots, the tall is a flowering bulb called Camassia given to me as a gift years ago, still blooming reliable each spring.

Here’s the uncropped version of the sketch.

pastel painting of laundry and flowers
“Laundry and Lilacs”, uncropped.

And look—there must have been an artist in my yard!

Pastels and paper in grass and flowers
An artist was in my yard!

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