Christmas Myths and Legends

skulls at christmas
Look Out Christmas Myths and Stories!

I couldn’t let the year pass without sharing this photo from a neighbor’s yard!

Perhaps Santa, Frosty, The Little Drummer Boy and the Holy Family and attendants don’t actually see the demon glowing-eyed skull raised from the depths of Hell to eat them all alive and disappear back down into the soil from whence it came, leaving only a few scorch marks and melted snow.

If I were Santa I’d toss them all into that cute little sleigh and be off like the down of a thistle!

Think Hades wasn’t happy about giving up Persephone this year and he’s come for some more captives?

And when I was in Catholic school, I don’t remember hearing that Santa made it to the Nativity…or was he one of the wise men?

The little Drummer Boy is another story, though his costume is somewhat anachronistic.

And Frosty? Did they have television specials back then?

I guess it’s Christmas á la carte!

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