A Little Waterfall

Settler's Cabin Park Waterfall
Settler’s Cabin Park Waterfall, long exposure in black and white.

A little waterfall in a deep ravine.

A longer exposure on the little waterfall, probably about 3 seconds. A local county park has a waterfall that I’d never had the chance to visit. I first heard about it when my hip gave me too much trouble for long walks. I’ve been waiting to find the opportunity to get there since my hip surgery. It’s deep in a ravine so I wanted to wait for a sunny day to photograph—a sunny day when I had no deadlines or events, and that was tricky this past year. This morning was brilliant and I headed out there at mid-day, a good angle for this spot. However…clouds rolled in as I drove there, and the sky was completely overcast when I arrived. I almost left to come back another day, but autumn days can be fickle and the clouds could clear 15 minutes later. I needed a walk in the woods, anyway.

The clouds did not clear. My expression when the sun is blotted out by cloud cover just as I arrive on a rare opportunity to hike the woods with my camera.

tree fungus
Tree fungus.

But I decided to make the best of it. Our county parks have a GPS app to make finding and following the trails easy, so I decided to give that a first try, and for that it was worth the visit. I did photograph a number of things along the way—all is never lost, some inspiring thing can always be found. I walked all around the waterfall, above and below, and photographed the flow of water and the rocks, and other interesting things in the woods.

Here is what the same photo looks like in the murky colors of the day.

Settler's Cabin Park Waterfall
Settler’s Cabin Park Waterfall, long exposure

And here is what the area looks like from a wider perspective, without the long exposure.

Settler's Cabin Park Waterfall
Settler’s Cabin Park Waterfall
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