Looks Like a Toy to Me

photo of cat at table with grape
Giueseppe at the table with one grape

I put some grapes in a bowl for myself, then walked away but turned around to notice the single perfect grape sitting silently on the table. That in itself was a nice photo.

Then Giuseppe jumped up and saw the grape and was equally inspired, not to art but to recreation. I could see the little drama building in his imagination and the paw lifted to give the grape a swat. I wasn’t in the mood to rescue the grape from under the stove.

This is a photo of Giueseppe not playing with the grape. No, he’s not happy, but he’s not dangerous.

We have now discovered that grapes are not good for cats. Giuseppe wants to know why I think he’d eat a grape, because it looks like a toy to him, and toys and food are equally important and not to be confused.

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    1. I took it right after a bunch of articles came out telling us that grapes are potentially toxic to cats, so Giueseppe isn’t quite sure what to do with this new-found toy of his! He has very dramatic eyes, though.

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