It’s a Steelers Day in Pittsburgh

two men with Steelers shirts
Phil and Howard with matching Steelers shirts.

I went to lunch with a customer today, and arriving at the restaurant we unexpectedly met another customer and friend. As we sat down they noticed they were wearing identical Steelers shirts, kidding each other about dressing alike. Silly me, I asked how they came to be wearing the same shirt but I should have known. There’s a game tonight. It’s the unwritten code of Steelers fans: wear your black and gold. I didn’t get the gene for “sports fan”, but that’s okay, it’s fun being an observer.

The wearing of the black and gold is de rigueur in Pittsburghers, at least those who are aware of games and such. Black and gold is worn everywhere—I’ve seen priests substitute a gold collar for a white one on game day, and it can even be worn as dress colors, black suit and tie with gold shirt or black outfit with gold tie.

Though the Steelers lost the Super Bowl in February 2011, a trip to the grocery store that day showed it wasn’t because fans weren’t showing their support.

Actually, they lost the Super Bowl because I decided to wear black and gold that day. I promise I’ll never do that again.

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