Three Cardinals

three cardinals in snowy brush
Three Cardinals

I often see several male cardinals together but I’m not always able to get them in one photo, especially with snow as a backdrop. They were hovering in a protected shrub as the snow was quickly falling and swirling around.


    1. Wow, I really enjoyed my visit to your blog! I love looking at another’s prespective, especially in phoentics…is the slideshow an automatic WordPress thing, or did you set one up yourself?

      I couldn’t imagine not having snow. And the cardinals never look better than on a snowy day.

      1. thanks, I am glad you enjoyed your visit. The slide show is set up in wordpress, when you upload your image at the bottom of that edit page there is a place to set up a slide show (not sure if you can do it in the theme you have here though), Let me know if you this was not clear, I know sometimes I think I am explaining it clearly, but…

      2. I think you are a little more clear than they are because I thought it only made a slideshow of the photos in one entry, not all the photos you choose. I will definitely look into it, and I don’t mind changing templates!

    1. Marie Therese, I don’t think you have them in Europe, at least not in your part of the continent–these are American Cardinals, meaning North America, and they can perk up a dark winter day like nothing else!

  1. […] stunning in winter when the bright flash of red burns against the white of snow, especially when cardinals group together as they do in winter. But against this brilliant spring green with the sun shining, that red, if […]

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