The Mysterious Paperweight

photo of paperweight containing pet cremains
Mysterious Paperweight

I have always loved glass paperweights. Not for their use in keeping papers in order, but because I remember studying them with a child’s sensibilities in the 1960s when blown glass paperweights were in their heyday. Everybody had paperweights filled with billowing colors and millefiore patterns, bubbles and little bits of whatever could be mixed in with the glass.

This is a very special paperweight because it contains a little bit of your pet’s cremains. I spent a part of the day photographing urns and memorial items at Chartiers Custom Pet Cremation, and thought this photo was particularly beautiful. It’s a sample from the manufacturer so I’m not sure whose pet’s cremains are used. It can be customized for color. In the background is a lovely iridescent-toned metal tree sculpture on the wall, intended to add a pattern to the plain background to give the paperweight some dimension in space without being distracting.

This will appear on the website soon along with all the other new urns and memorial items.


    1. Initially I didn’t want to mention anything about the cremains, afraid I’d upset someone, but on the other hand it’s a unique way to remember your pet. We can’t be afraid of loss.

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