The Local Graffiti Artist

photo of painted graffiti mural
Artwork by Soap

Downed trees reveal a hidden mural. Actually, this was only partly obscured by scrubby sumacs, but I’m glad to see that even in summer we’ll be able to see most of this “unofficial”  mural (we actually have an “official” one).

I always thought “Soap” was pretty talented, and while much of what he accomplished around Carnegie has been painted over, this remains. I don’t condone painting on other people’s property, but I’d love to see areas where graffiti is allowed. In college we had the wall of a walkway between buildings that was called “the graffiti wall”, and they were simply painted over every semester but were always blooming with the creative talent of new minds.

This is an industrial area, and most of it is unkempt, and this mural certainly brightens things up.

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