Snow on Snow on Snow

photo of snow on bicycle
Snow on Snow on Snow

I admire the snow’s balance.

I still find it beautiful, too, this lovely frozen world.


  1. Your photos are beautiful. I love the snow too! I grew up in Idaho, but don’t see too much snow in SC, although I think we had about 1 inch so far this year.
    I love the Cardinal picture – they are such a pretty bird.

    1. Thanks for visiting! We snow lovers have to band together. Growing up in Pittsburgh didn’t offer much snow until I went a little farther north for college to the “snow belt”, and though I’d found heaven. I’m also a painter and did an entire show called “Winter White” showing all my small sketches of winter inspiration,, and one of my most popular paintings is “Dusk in the Woods”, (scroll down a bit). Your ex’s photos are beautiful, too!

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