Jean-Marc Chatellier’s French Bakery: 2010

photograph of fondant-iced cakes
Fondant-iced cakes at Jean-Marc Chatelier's French Bakery in Millvale.

Mmmm…of all the lovely and luscious pastries I photographed at a visit to this bakery—fruit, lemon and almond tarts, croissants, smaller cakes, eclairs…these two cakes were the most fantastical.

Decorating cakes like this with fondant frosting and freehand designs is a rare and difficult art, and to see it is breathtaking. My father was a baker in the Polish and European tradition, and quite the pastry chef himself, and I know that now and then he had made things like this when I was very young and I remember him describing the process. I dabble here and there but I’m more the pie and bread baker, but part of me would love to apply myself to making beautiful things like this.

But I certainly appreciate a well-made pastry!

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