Golden Woods

A path into the golden woods.
A path into the golden woods.

I had a really difficult time not walking into these woods on a mild and brilliant autumn afternoon. Just a glance and I could hear the leaves as I kicked my way through them, smell the beginnings of leaf decay mixed with the sun-warmed air, the woods filled with brilliant patches as the leaves thin from their summer density, and where all was in shades of green I would see brilliant patches of color. Where the summer woods are hushed and a mid-afternoon can be nearly silent, autumn is as full of sound as it is of color with leaves slipping from trees and landing all around, always a breeze, birds and squirrels in a frenzy on a warm afternoon.

The other option would be to grab my pastels or watercolors and paint it. The least I can do is photograph it. More will be coming. Autumn is non-stop beauty.

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