Glories of the Morning

morning glory
Glory of the Morning.

I’d been waiting for the morning glories to bloom at my neighbor’s house, the one with the big old white barn I’m always photographing.

I’m back to that old white barn in my neighbor’s back yard. Each year morning glories grow at the corners and they always look fresh and new, no matter the color. The graceful vines and shapely bright green heart-shaped leaves along with the vibrant purple flowers look delicate and sweet clinging to the weathered boards with peeling white paint.

The huge clump that grows at the corner where the fence meets the building that I’ve had my eye on that since it started twining on the fence, is finally in full bloom, the weather was cooler and we had a little rain so the flowers and leaves are full.

I used all my lenses and took at least 50 photos, choosing six to start with for a slideshow here. Hope the neighbors didn’t mind when I laid down in the alley to get a photo of the morning glories against the sky.

. . . . . . .

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