Antiques at Night

photo of antiques sign from the back and showroom at night
Antiques at Night

I am installing some of my merchandise in one of the back rooms at Carnegie Antiques, one of my customers for design and also a friend. It was well after dark as I went to check the front door, and the front room looked magical in the reddish light of the neon sign in the upper windows. Lots of glass in the room, and crystals on the chandelier, all catching the deep glow against the saturated darkness made things look as if they were floating.

The shop is really not antiques but neat old stuff, more vintage in nature, excellent craftsmanship, interesting design, a lot of tacky but all of it illustrating its era of origin. This move is something we’ve talked about for years as we’ve built her website and promoted her shop along with her growing estate sale and appraisal business. I’m thrilled to have a little space there because I don’t have to be there all the time, I can share the time with others, and people will still get to see my things even when I’m not there.

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